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4 Ways to Save Money while Travelling

Travelling can always seem daunting because of the seemingly high cost of flights, accommodation and activities. While there are some things you might really want to experience, there are definitely ways to cut down on costs too!

1. When booking, pay attention to the location

Transport costs can quickly add up, so make sure you select accommodation around the areas you'll travel to the most. Not only will you be able to walk to certain places, but cab fares will also reduce because the distance is not daunting. You can look for accommodation near bus or metro stations depending on the mode of public transport.

Diani beach has an abundance of rickshaws, taxis and a lot of activities may be within walking distance too. Some tour companies offer picking and dropping services so book those where possible to reduce the hassle of excursions. The Zubeida has a direct line to various excursions (simply ask the front desk, or during the booking process), is walking distance from the water sports

2. Flexible flights

If you're not too tied up with particular dates to travel, try to fly out off-peak or at odd hours. You might get great flight deals during specific seasons, and of course, various layover times. If the flight deals are wonderful but require a long layover, why not spend a few days exploring your layover destination? Take your time in finding the best flights to suit you, there are a lot of price comparison websites that can help you close the best deals.

When flying to Diani beach, you can fly into Mombasa, Moi International Airport, and get onto the ferry. You also have the option of flying directly to Diani by landing at Ukunda Airstrip. If you have a good amount of time, we highly recommend a road trip to Diani which has picturesque hills, rolling Savannahs and you might even see an elephant or two!

3. Expand your Travel Horizons

Deciding between destinations that have been on your bucket list for months, or even years, can be difficult. Choose destinations with a good exchange rate on your currency, so you get more for your spending. You can also choose destinations based on the types of activities you would like to do, and take the time out to enjoy all the local attractions, food and spaces.

Mombasa, Kenya is a great place to spend your vacation in a cool mix of shops, restaurants, hotels and resorts. There are marine parks, dhow rides, water-sports, conservation centres

4. Live like a Local

Not only will you eat incredible food, at affordable rates, you may also find that delicious dish and take home its recipe. Often times, tourist spaces are over-rated and over-charge due to the brand they have created. Look for delicious carts of street food vendors and enjoy a quick meal/ snack to keep you moving forward. If you have particular dietary requirements, research ahead of time and figure out which places will be able to cater for you and which will not.

Carry your own comfortable snacks to keep you full on days you are busy exploring. This is especially helpful if you have young children and aren't sure how they'll take traveling to a foreign place.

Diani has a lot of wonderful local activities and places like The Zubeida will also be able to tempt you with a local breakfast of Mahamri (sweetened bread) and Barazi (gunga peas) in creamy, delicious coconut curry (among other Kenyan feasts).

Which of these travel tips do you swear by? Do you have any you think we should add on? Comment them down below!

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