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5 Interesting Things to Eat in Diani

The South Coast of Kenya is a bustling bedrock of white pristine sandy beaches, secluded sanctuaries for flora and fauna, and most notably, a gastronomic journey like no other. With its proximity to the beach and the bush, Diani Beach boasts a myriad of must-tries and must eat, to make your affordable luxury escape to the coastline that much more memorable.

Here are five interesting things to eat while enjoying your stay at The Zubeida along Diani Beach in Kenya’s South Coast:

Swahili-Style Red Snapper

Diani Beach has become renowned for distinctive culinary offerings that often offer a unique fusion of gourmet cooking peppered with local traditional flair. One such offering is the red snapper, which inhabits tropical and sub-tropical oceans. The Zubeida offers guests this Coastal delicacy either simmered in coconut milk and garam masala, or grilled. The pescatarian-friendly sumptuous meal is best paired with tossed seasonal vegetables and buttered rice.

Lobster Thermidor

When looking for the complete Coastal seafood culinary experience in Diani, crustaceans must not be missed. Sought after yet a preserve for the discerning palette, Lobster Tail Meat can be sautéed in cream, with mushrooms and mustard. To further overwhelm the senses, the delicacy is topped with parmesan cheese and best served with roast potato wedges and garden salad, whatever your taste.

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Greek Moussaka

The Indian Ocean can aptly mimic the Mediterranean, with this mouth-watering vegetarian dish comprising potatoes, zucchini, eggplant and oregano paying homage to the similar seas far away. The composition is dipped in a classic tomato and white sauce, further enhancing the flavours on offer, and topped with parmesan cheese for your liking.

Kuku wa Kupaka

Directly translated as ‘smeared chicken’, this dish is chicken embellished with coconut milk. It is a local offering jampacked with traditional spices which give it a particular Kenyan coastal piquancy that is quite unlike anything else you have tasted. The appropriate accompaniment for this chicken would be saffron rice.


When you are by the oceanside, taking in the waves of the deep turquoise sea and luxuriating in the sun, nothing feels better than the contradictory cooling effect of dessert on the tip of your tongue. A perennial favourite, why not treat yourself to the creativity of our tiramisu, light, yet decadent coffee-flavoured Italian dessert, topped with fresh marscapone and cocoa.

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