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5 Ways To Care For The Environment When On Holiday

At a time where our planet and environment is under extensive pressure, here are a few reminders of how we can be more responsible and lighten the impact we have when on enjoying your holiday at The Zubeida, on Kenya's South Coast, Diani...


Help the hotel to save water by using taps and showers sensibly. If you are using washing machines and dishwashers on a self catering holiday always aim to have a full load.


Help reduce greenhouse emissions by separating your waste and recycle as much as you can.


Help us save energy by turning off the lights in your holiday accommodation when you leave the room and use cooling or heating equipment sensibly. .


If a large group of you are going on holiday together try car sharing which leads to less air pollution. There is also local public transport you can use to explore the area.


We have created natural habitats for animals, bug hotels, bat and bird boxes, bee B&B's and much more. You can take our instructions home and make your own.


We are calling on guests, friends, families and anyone interested in saving and conserving our planet, to join the call to help offset carbon dioxide in the hopes of slowing down, and turning around, climate change. Beginning 25th June 2021, we will initiate the #ZubeidaOblique campaign that will call on guests to download or stream a podcast of their choice on The Oblique Life website, with each free subscription going towards offsetting 1KG of CO2 from the atmosphere.

To reiterate, every time one of our guests or followers subscribes to the podcast, @TheObliqueLife will offset 1KG of carbon dioxide.

How Can You Get Involved?

On Instagram:

  1. Go to The Oblique Life Global Goals podcast using this special link and either download or stream a podcast of your choice.

  2. Go to either your IG stories or post and tag @TheZubeida, @TheObliqueLife and @TreePoints.Green together with the hashtag #ZubeidaOblique (To further help, you can also tag a friend or two of yours)

  3. The Oblique Life will then offset 1KG of CO2 for each download or stream

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