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Beautiful Animals to Spot in and around Diani

This World Wildlife Day, let’s take a moment to appreciate the interesting animals our land has been blessed with. Here are some of the wonders you can view, and places you can visit in Diani Beach, near The Zubeida. Let’s explore these not-so-hidden treasures:

Collared and Olive Sunbirds

These sunbirds are small, slender and have downward pointing beaks, belonging to a family of birds that has over 140 species. They are in abundance at Gongoni Forest Reserve, slightly North-West of the location of The Zubeida, and a stamp on the biodiversity of flora and fauna in Kenya. These birds are of utmost importance to pollination in the region, as they sip the nectar off flowers and flurry around, even in areas inhabited by large human populations.

Colobus monkey

Native to the African continent, black and white colobus monkeys can be spotted in the forested areas along the coast. While The Zubeida is nestled not far from a Colobus Sanctuary, these tiny primates can largely be spotted at Gongoni Forest Reserve, not too far from the Diani Beach Road. They travel in packs and are often fond of holding each other by the shoulder and embracing when they meet and are generally friendly though its best not to disturb them.

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The 14-km long white sandy beaches of Diani may be a peculiar place to spot these humped desert animals, but come to think of it, sand and sun are in abundance. In spots a long the edge of the ocean, it will become common ground to spot tourists and locals straddling camels as they leisurely explore attractions. Largely domesticated now, there are only three surviving species, of which the predominant in the region are the Dromedary single-humped.

Elephants and Buffaloes

These big five animals may not be spotted on the beach, but they are not too long a drive from the oceanside, at the Shimba Hills National Reserve. When in Kenya, going on safari is an understated must, to experience the magnificence, and the magic, of what this bountiful land has to offer.

Whatever your wanderlust, there's something for everyone in or around The Zubeida. Book your stay today!

*Cover photo by Samuel Dostál from Pexels

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