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Benefits of a beachside workout

Workouts are very well known for its amazing health benefits. Working out by the beach is a great incentive when you look at your sublime environment: soft breezes, sunshine and the scent of the sea. Just imagine the tranquility of it all, stretching out on the sparkling white sands of Diani beach, right by The Zubeida. See some of the reasons to add in a beach workout below!

1. The great outdoors

According to studies, exercising outdoors in nature – especially near water – helps ease stress, tension, anger and depression, leading to an increase in happiness, satisfaction and energy. The benefits of exercising last longer when it’s done out in nature because fresh air means the body receives a healthy supply of oxygen. Even five or 10 minutes of daily physical activity outdoors is said to make a big difference in improving our well-being. So, imagine what an hour of a beachside workout can do for you.

2. Breathing on the beach

Deep breaths in fresh air clears out your lungs and creates an energy boost. Salty sea air is filled with beneficial negative ions. Abundant in nature, especially around water, negative ions are oxygen atoms with negatively-charged electrons. They help your body absorb oxygen easier, stimulate your metabolism, and are believed to raise serotonin levels (the hormone responsible for feeling happy). Even while taking your sunrise or sunset stroll, be sure to take in long pulls of fresh air to revive yourself.

3. Balance

Your body has to work a lot harder to exercise in sand. It takes balance, concentration and strength to hold various poses on an unstable surface, so you get more of a full-body workout. Studies show that training on a sandy beach strengthens more of the muscles in your feet, knees, legs, hips, core and shoulders – which are crucial to good posture – than you would normally in a studio. Shifting sand forces the body to make small adjustments in order to maintain the posture. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll gain an incredible newfound stability.

4. Cushioned

Working on improving your balance isn’t as much of an issue on soft sand as it is on a hard, wooden floor. Sand is much more shock-absorbent and gentler on your joints. You might even feel like trying out a few more challenging poses!

5. Becoming one with nature

In our fast-paced world, we sometimes forget how important it is to commune with nature. Humans were made to be outdoors. Barefoot on the beach, feel the sand in between your toes and the wind on your skin.

6. Rhythms of the Waves

The sound of ocean waves naturally puts you in a meditative mood. One of the most important elements of cool down is breathing – creating a calm mind and delivering oxygen to your muscles. The rhythmic sound of ocean waves replicates our own breathing rhythms.

7. Vitamin D

While too much sun is bad for you, too little sun in fact can make you vitamin-D deficient, which has been linked with various diseases. Brief outdoor workouts during the early mornings or early evenings give you the essential vitamin D that your body needs to regulate calcium and phosphate in your system and to feel happy and healthy. Don't forget to slather on some reef-friendly sunscreen!

8. Cool off

Hit the ocean instead of the showers! Get in a short swim to stretch out your muscles and cool off your limbs.

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