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Days In Diani

Now that you've applied for leave, booked your vacation to Diani Beach and have sorted out your transport... what's next? Figuring out what to do in Diani of course!

1. Colobus Conservation

Diani has an incredible number of primates including Vervets, Yellow baboons, Sykes monkeys, Galgalos and Peter’s black and white Colobus monkeys. Outrageous and adventurous, these primates are a sight to see in Mombasa, they boldly eat human food, even sneaking into rooms to enjoy lavish meals.

The Conservation Institute works on a 24/7 primate rescue line, helping sick and injured primates. They also have reforestation and education campaigns and work closely with locals to help preserve these habitats. Did you know that Diani is among the top 25 biodiversity hotspots globally for primates and forests?

2. Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest

Placed along the coast, there are ten protected forest sites that hold a deep meaning to the Mijikenda people. Believed to have hosted their ancestors, the sacred forests are tended to by the Mijikenda people. Kaya Kinondo is one such sacred forest and is gifted with various unique and ancient tree species. Some are as old as 1000 years. The forest has over 190 tree species, where 140 tree species are classified as rare.

Full of magical, mystical trees, the guide will take you through the nature walk, with full respect accorded to the rituals and beliefs that have protected these forests for so long. Submerge yourself in nature in a space that is powerfully healing, peaceful and full of wisdom.

3. Tsavo East Tour

Are you yearning for a bush experience to complement your beach excursions? You can do a full day in Tsavo East National Park. You will enjoy the sight of dusty red elephants by the Galana River. Home to the lion, rhino, waterbucks, crocodiles and much more, you will experience wonderous sights under the African sun. You can also visit the Yatta Plateau, the longest lava flow in the world.

4. Stand Up Paddleboarding

Impressive equipment and world-class instructors can be found at various accredited schools in Diani. If you are a water sports enthusiast or an adventurous traveller, check out Stand Up Paddleboarding. You can paddleboard to our South Coast Sandbanks, individually or in a group. Enjoyed best on a slightly windy day, paddleboarding challenges and improves your balance and exercises your upper body. You can choose to cruise or surf the reef.

5. Diani Turtle Watch

Located in the Sands at Nomad, Diani Turtle Watch has a great educative program in place for visitors. They even have a Turtle Rehabilitation Centre where sick or injured turtles are nursed back to health and released into the waters. They have treated over 650 turtles so far, and if you'd like to get more involved, they also have an "EcoVisit" option where you can be a part of their operations and directly contribute towards turtle conservation.

The institute also accepts donations and you can also adopt a turtle or a nest and be a part of helping protect our turtles!

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