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Discovering the Hidden Treasures of Diani Beach

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

What could be more breathtaking than flying down to Africa’s best beach destination, boasting one of the world’s most beautiful stretches of oceanfront? Diani Beach is a welcome surprise to any traveller looking for exclusivity, amenity, and unspoiled territory, all rolled into one. Accessible by air; through Ukunda Airstrip or further north at the Moi International Airport in Mombasa; by road, through the Likoni-Ukunda stretch from Mombasa Island into Kwale County; or by rail, from the Standard Gauge Railway line from Nairobi to Mombasa, and a trip across the Likoni channel.

Once you have touched down, the 17km stretch of pristine beachfront is at your fingertips, with something for everyone – from the luxury to backpacking wanderlust. To get the full experience, here are a few hidden treasures waiting to be discovered in Diani Beach:


You deserve the very best. As you walk, sail or drive through the various secluded spots of Diani, discovering all the hidden gems, you will need the place where you love to call ‘home’ to be the pinnacle of perfection and privacy. A place where luxury meets affordability. The Zubeida is a family-owned property, a vintage provincial property which has been carefully transformed and hand crafted into the vision of what a beach holiday should be.

From the ornate main villa entrance, to the simple yet sophisticated interior furnishings, as well as the delectable a la carte menus, everything at The Zubeida has been consciously curated to offer you the luxury you know you deserve, at the right cost. This is the type of secluded resort that is able to offer you the rest and relaxation you so crave, with something to offer all kinds of discerning and attentive-to-detail guests. From white sandy beaches, to lush gardens, you can easily explore and get lost on your own, or with company.


Diani Beach is fascinating, in that it is one the most popular escape spots, and yet it has managed to maintain what could be termed as a duplicitous identity of also being secluded, untouched and wild. With the airport located within minutes of the beach, it won’t be long until you’re settled in your hotel and ready to explore the diverse gastronomic offerings: from al fresco international and local cafes, to quintessential Swahili and coastal cuisine this destination has to offer.

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A testament to the strong Italian influences on the Coastal region, Aniello’s Ristorante and Pizzeria is a vegetarian-friendly, Italian-owned and managed spot that boasts a relaxed ambiance and great selection of European food that is certain to excite your pallete.

For fine dining, Ali Barbour’s The Cave restaurant is a must-not-be-missed. Dine beneath a star - filled night sky in this establishment that is situated 10 meters below ground in an ancient, naturally sculptured coral cave which is open to the sky. Need we say more? The restaurant offers a wide selection of international cuisine, naturally specialising in seafood. There’s a special request though - not to wear beachwear or vests.

Into the Ocean

Kenya’s southern coast also offers some of the country’s top dive sites and reefs to explore. November through to just before Easter, you can encounter whalesharks. If those large ocean creatures are not your forte, the Diani Beach coastline is also blessed with an incredible community of turtles. Diving the Crab is a Kenyan dive centre which offers divers the chance to dive with Nitrox, enriched air which makes diving even safer and can be used to extend bottom times.

With Diani Beach marked as a crucial hotspot for turtles on the Kenyan coastline, you can see numerous nesting grounds, you have the chance to snorkel or dive, efforts which will also go towards helping the local conservation of these incredible creatures. And if that doesn’t excited you to explore the ocean depths, MV Funguo, was re-sunk by Diving the Crab just off Diani Beach, the wreck blossoming into an artificial reef and home to a plethora of corals and fish.


With its endless kilometers of coastline and beautiful scenery, Diani Beach is the perfect place to discover a new watersport. You can also have a go at surfing, rafting, sailing or even jet skiing from one of numerous spots. Jet Ski Kenya has picked up on this thirst for thrill, offering you the opportunity to test what’s for long been an exciting yet exclusive water sport.

What are you waiting for? Come and discover Diani Beach from The Zubeida.

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