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Enjoy a Girls' Getaway!

Girls Trips are always a great idea! As we get older, our lives definitely get busier, adn the pressures of balancing work, home and our social lives can definitely take a toll on our mental and physical health.

This is why it is so important to maintain connections with like-minded individuals who form your circle of support. A great way to reconnect with yourself and your besties is definitely a girls' staycation. Staycations are inexpensive ways to get a break from our busy lives without taking up too much travel time: so you have more time to enjoy your accommodation and surroundings.

Here is why The Zubeida, in Diani is the perfect spot for your Girls' Getaway.

1. Our Location is *Chef's Kiss*

Located right on the beach, on Diani Beach Road, you'll have direct access to watersport centers, other resorts and restaurants and the mall. Our two and four bedroom Villas ensure that you're never too far away from each other, while giving you some privacy from the rest of the guests at the hotel.

If you would like to book any excursions, you can do so directly with The Zubeida to make your stay seamless and convenient.

2. Fantastic Food

Our chefs are incredibly talented, and provide you with wholesome, fresh and nourishing food during your entire stay. Whether you choose our bed and breakfast or halfboard option, you can be assured that the food will please your palette. If you are travelling with selective eaters: worry not: we cater for allergies, gluten free, vegetarians and vegans too!

There are also some fabulous restaurants in the area that we can direct you to for all your other meals that will have delicious food, stunning views and a unique ambiance.

3. In house spa treatments

We have a multitude of massage options available, and you can have a revitalising treatment in the comfort of your own Villa. Using soothing essential oils and locally made massage balms or lotions, our masseuse is able to expertly help you wind down, relax and truly enjoy your vacation.

4. Waterbaby Schenanigans

You can enjoy a dhow or dinghy ride into the sunset, feel the breeze in a glass bottom boat, and you can even enjoy watersporting activities like jetskiing, kitesurfing and paddle boarding.

If you enjoy the ocean, centers in Diani offer Discovery Dives, and you can even all get your PADI qualifications together if you wish.

How can we help you in planning your next Girl's Getaway to The Zubeida? Get in touch with us for our special rates at [email protected]

(P.S: we currently have vouchers available to purchase at a STEAL! Valid from November 2022 to July 2023.)

You can directly book with us and make sure you follow us on Facebook. Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn: @TheZubeida.

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