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Family Fun in Diani

Diani is the perfect place for a family holiday. Not only is a beach vacation an incredible break for people of all ages, but Diani also offers incredible outings and activities that will allow you all to spend quality time together.

1. Dhow rides: Not only do the boat rides offer incredible dolphin, turtle and whale watching opportunities, but the views are also wonderfully picturesque. Some offer sunset dhow rides and trips to nearby islands.

2. Kite surfing: Diani beach is home to the world’s largest kitesurfing training organization. They offer kite lessons for all levels and members of your family who don't want to partake in kite surfing can enjoy their resident beach restaurant.

3. Scuba diving: Diani beach's various institutions offer scuba diving certification classes, but they also take scuba divers to the beautiful coral reefs in the Mombasa, Watamu and Kisite marine parks. These reefs offer a massive array of sea life from beautiful macro creatures to the giant whale shark. Certain schools also have fantastic pool dive sessions for children.

4. Sand Bar: This is a wonderful opportunity for children to see what often lies beneath the water, on the ocean floor. Exciting views of tide pools, sea urchins, and starfish- children will learn wonderful things about our marine life while getting a look at them up close. This activity is available during low tide.

5. Village Tour: There is an opportunity to explore a coastal village, where you can walk through alleyways, interact with the local people, observe their customs and traditions and enjoy their market.

6. Colobus Conservation: Colobus Conservation was established in 1997 as a not-for-profit organisation to promote the conservation of the colobus monkeys and address the threats to their survival. This program is a great educational tour that focuses on habitat conservation and community linkages together with human/primate conflict management, welfare and research.

Our favourite activities involve the beach! What about yours?

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