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Haunted Beaches... Do You Dare?

A beach day for most usually means an entire day spent in the surf and in the sunshine, never expecting anything untoward.

While Old Town, Mombasa, has its fair share of creepy stories, (which ones do you know? Share them with us in the comments below). With Halloween coming up, we thought we'd gather a list of creepy beaches that might chill your blood or fill you with a sense of adventure!

1. Pawleys Island, South Carolina: a Gray Man appears to warn the local residents about hurricanes and storms. Sightings appeared before Hurricane Hazel (1954) and Hurricane Florence (2018) touched the land. Local lore states that the Gray Man is either a sailor who fell into the sea during a storm trying to make it home, or he is the island's very own namesake, George Pawley himself.

2. Manzanita Beach, Oregon: legends of hidden treasures and subsequent hauntings were caused by multiple shipwrecks along the Pacific Coast. Manzanita Beach is one of these haunted locations and is the supposed site of the wreckage of a 17th century Spanish galleon.

Odd rock formations and unexplained observations of Winston Laszlo (a local hotel owner) adds to the spookiness. Laszlo claims to have seen apparitions in the basement and odd reflections in the mirror.

Horrific stories about the beach's haunting include how Spanish sailors buried slaves alive with their treasure to keep the natives away.

3. Sandwood Bay, Scotland: Hauntingly beautiful, this isolated beach has tales of beautiful mermaids and ghosts roaming the beach. Reports of bizarre men emerging from the waters are believed to be sailors who have drowned in various shipwrecks making their way to the shore.

4. Kaupoa Beach, Hawaii: located on the island of Moloka'i the beach translates to "the place of thieves," and evokes unease. The presence of the Night Marchers are said to be the spirit of Hawaiian warriors who need to be shown Night Marchers contribute to the eerie feel of the island. Night Marchers are the spirits of Hawaiian warriors who should be shown congeniality if their paths ever cross yours. For your own protection of course.

The once thriving vacation destination is now a ghost town, leading to the belief that the island's kukui trees, thought to ward off malicious spirits, have all been cut down.

Well. If traveling to these beaches doesn't work out, Diani beach is always ready to welcome locals and visitors alike.

It definitely isn't haunted... or is it?

Which of these beaches would you like to visit (or avoid)?

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