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How Families Can Enjoy a Luxurious Diani Holiday

It’s always the best time of the year to plan for your next trip down to the beach, and how better to enjoy the breathtaking views of the ocean, than with the family? Critical to these plans of escape and adventure with loved ones is a family-friendly location that ensures there’s something for everyone. Your destination is definitely The Zubeida. Here are a few things to consider when looking to enjoy the perfect luxurious holiday to Diani Beach:

Travel Duration

Your young ones can get a bit, no a lot, antsy, when on the way to your dream holiday. You want a location that’s not too far, to reduce the travel time for both the young and advanced in age, but also within the appropriate proximity to an airport, or the road. The Zubeida is within minutes drive from Ukunda airport, which in turn is about an hour’s flight from Nairobi, or just an hour and a half from Kisumu. This relatively short distance guarantees the thrill of the journey here, as well as the satisfaction of being at this little paradise with less fatigue and more energy to enjoy what you wish.


Dian beach’s sun and sand comes with its hot temperatures, cooled by the calming breezes from the Indian Ocean, as well as air conditioning within your own private villas. It’s a sensation that invigorates the senses, with weather that’s holiday-friendly all through the year. Sounds like just what you need, doesn’t it?

Amenities and Safety

It’s important that all the family gets to do what they love when on holiday. We have a grand pool and poolside, spacious yet luscious gardens and a generous beachfront that guarantees enjoyment for all. The location of The Zubeida also makes it a safety haven that’s also conscious of Covid-19. Certified by Bureau Veritas, we help ensure that when you’re in our environment, you can have the piece of mind of an experience that has your health and safety at the center of our priorities.


Diani beach has consistently been ranked as one of the best value areas on the continent, with world class beaches that sprinkle the right amount of sparkle to your holiday. Your stay at The Zubeida is the luxury and top notch service you require, offered at affordable rates. It’s no wonder then that our guests have helped us achieve global and regional recognition for our exceptionality.

Come and experience the Treasures of the Zubeida for yourself and your loved ones:

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