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How to be More Environmentally Responsible When Holidaying

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Are you planning to go on a luxury holiday this Easter to the beach and wondering how you can enjoy quality services, rest and relaxation and convenience, while confident in the fact that you’re doing your best to protect the environment? Easter is coming, and here are a few tips on how you can be eco-friendly on your visit to Diani Beach and The Zubeida.

Plastic-Free Travel

The United Nations projected that in under 30 years, there will be more plastic in the oceans than there are fish. Kenya banned the use of plastics in her national parks, reserves, beaches, conservation areas and forests from 5th June 2020. Think about it, if we all made simple choices of forsaking single-use plastic, we would be making a significant step towards conserving our environment. You can choose to forsake things like plastic bottles which have disastrous effects on the ocean and the environment, by either travelling with, purchasing, or requesting for either a reusable water bottle, or having your water by the glass instead.

Less Air-Con, More Exploration

When on a luxury holiday, all that you want is to be pampered and spoiled. Don’t be too cooped up in the room. You can take advantage of the villa terraces at The Zubeida to take in the calm ocean breeze, as you lay back, enjoying either the sunset or the sunrise. Each of our villas and furnishings have been hand crafted to give you the privacy and escape experience you so crave. Overlooking the beach and gardens, guests can choose which experience and villa best suits them, and fall asleep to the sounds of the Indian Ocean gently and calmly crashing against the pristine shores.

Getting Around

While The Zubeida villas have an attention to detail and beautiful pieces of Swahili style furniture and finishings that are certain to entrance, we know you will want to get out and about to explore your surroundings. Travel doesn’t have to be motorised: you can either take leisurely walks on the beach, which includes camel rides at select spots, or go kite-surfing, which takes advantage of the ocean breeze and winds for mobility. A quick trip to nearby elephant and colobus conservancies can also help teach awareness to guests on the variety of species around, which makes the area a perfect area for experiencing eco-tourism.

Organic or Locally Sourced Food

Our attractive a la carte menu includes a lot of locally-sourced foods which are organic. That means local communities are growing a good section of The Zubeida menu, and we also have vegetarian options to suit each kind of palette. Our boutique resort therefore creates an immediate impact, coupled with employment opportunities, for the local community.

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