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How to plan a beachside wedding

Destination weddings are increasing in popularity for the ambience, intimacy and excitement! The romance elicited by the soft ocean sounds, soothing sand and fresh breeze is unparalleled.

1. Accessibility: Beachfront weddings are a beautiful backdrop to your ceremony, and one thing to keep in mind is to keep it accessible to everyone of all ages and abilities. Not only does this ensure that your guests are comfortable getting to the venue, but also assists the caterers and decorators in setting up your dream wedding.

2. Throw some Shade: Even if you aren't blessed by short showers on your special day, make sure that you've got ample shade to protect your guests from the tropical sun. The best time to host your wedding is either in the morning or late afternoon, to protect guests from sunburn and overheating.

3. Camera Ready: Make sure that you choose a dress code that is light, airy and keeps you and your guests cool. Have the bride and bridesmaids choose lightweight, breathable fabrics, and up-dos while the men keep it semi-casual and cool. Time your events so that the photographer has ample time to take all the photos you want, including some of the newly-wedded couple.

4. Food for Thought: When choosing the perfect menu for your wedding/ reception keep in mind to choose items that will not spoil quickly. Buttercream cakes might not last well in humidity, while fresh fruits may begin to ferment under the blazing sun. Make sure the caterers have access to a fridge and are able to keep your foods cool and fresh to prevent any unwanted stomach bugs. You also have the option of dining indoors after the ceremony is completed.

5. Heartwarming Hospitality: If you choose your wedding to be by the beach with a lodge- ensure that they are great hosts! From check-in to check out your guests must have impeccable service. Create goody bags for each room to express your gratitude for their presence, serve them with delicious, refreshing drinks and snacks at the beginning of each event and look after their dietary requirements. The hotel you choose must be able to facilitate all this and more. Heartwarming hospitality will make your special day pleasantly memorable for everyone involved.

Where is your dream wedding destination?

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