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How to: Stay Safe While Travelling

As the world slowly opens back up, we want you to feel as safe as possible, wherever you choose to travel.

1. Carry some disinfectant or sanitiser: these are great to use in a pinch when you don't have access to soap and water. Remember to wash your hands for over 20 seconds each time. Sanitiser and disinfectant should be left alone to dry naturally.

2. Be mindful of what you are touching: a lot of high contact surfaces can spread any form of infection pretty quickly. Pay attention to what you're using while travelling and sanitise or wash your hands diligently. As per the Bureau Veritas standards, all our spaces are frequently cleaned to protect our staff and customers.

3. Carry all your valuables close to you: look for ways to carry all your valuables close to you, making it difficult for pickpockets to access. That being said, when you are enjoying the beach or out for a simple meal carry only the essentials. Leave the rest of your valuables at The Zubeida so you can move around freely.

4. Use legitimate agencies to convert your money: it is always better to exchange your money at registered agencies and banks to protect your cards and other details.

5. Know the language: Understanding each language's basics wherever you travel is a definite advantage. While most places and people in Kenya understand English very well, learning the basics of Kiswahili gives you a fantastic edge while souvenir shopping.

What tips do you recommend to your fellow travellers?

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