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Instagram-Worthy South Coast Locations to Spice Up your Timeline

Nowhere else says bring out your camera, cherish those memories and upgrade your Instagram profile like a holiday to the beach. Here are our favourite recommendations of Insta-worthy locations in Kenya's South Coast that are certain to spice up your social media...

Camels by the Beach

As you enjoy your walk by the long stretch of white sandy beaches of Diani, right by the glistening shores of the Indian Ocean, you can either take a dip in the warm currents, or take a thrilling camel ride. Afterwards, stop by these gracious animals and their keepers and inquire about some photo sessions with the exotic creatures. It makes for a delightful composition that will add something unique to your personal album.

The Africa Pool

The Tiwi Africa Pool is miracle of nature! Right here on a country that straddles the African part of the equator there is a pool shaped just like the African continent. Carved by the sea and the wind out of the coral reef, the large pool sits next to the cliffs at Tiwi. Shaped like Africa it is close enough to leap into from the nearby cliffs and perfect for snorkeling. I’ve seen lionfish, octopus, starfish as well as the usual suspects: surgeon fish, sergeant fish, gobies, clownfish and eels. There is even a cave you can swim through from East Africa to Madagascar. The pool is a 10 minute walk along reef so only accessible at low tide.

Shimba Hills National Reserve

Towards the interior of Kwale country, approximately half an hour from Tiwi is Shimba Hills National Reserve. Mountainous rainforest hides elephant families, buffalo and leopard, Sable antelope, elephant shrew, bushy tailed mongoose and other forest dwelling animals. The scenic Sheldrick Falls and the dense Mwaluganje Forest is located here. The place is incredibly beautiful, the dense coastal rainforest one of the largest coastal forest in Kenya. It is perfect for a day trip.

The Starfish

To the north of Maweni beach is a sandbar beloved by starfish. While the starfish can be found all over the coast they gather in larger numbers in this particular spot to feast on sea urchins. There are two types of large star fish and they come in all colours and sizes. If you go with a guide they will fill you in on all the star fish facts: how they eat, how to tell male from female and lots of other starfish know how.

The Owner's Beach Villa

The Executive Villa located at The Zubeida is the beachfront luxury residence positioned in a prime location a few meters away from the beautiful Diani beach. It features four bedrooms with ensuite, expansive open-plan living, tropical garden and a large terrace overlooking the palms and white sands of Diani. Each room is adorned with elegant woodwork to provide you with a royal experience.

Wasini Island

Wasini Island within the Kisite Marine Park is the your dream Indian Ocean islet. The hidden beach paradise that is genuinely little known. You don’t get much more remote than this. This tiny island is famed for its amazing sea life, take a boat out from Shimoni pier and you may see dolphins and whales. Dive beneath the surface to experience a giddying array of tropical fish in one of the best diving reefs on the Kenyan coast.

Kongo River

The gorgeous Kongo river estuary in Diani is a must see. You can picnic or have sundowners during your stay. The ever-changing sandy beach, the great waves, and the sunset scenario are scenes to die for.

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