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Living the Local Life! Diani Edition

Coastarians definitely live a life that is more relaxed than their metropolitan cousins. It must be the way the cool breeze hits skin warmed by the sun as the waves gently lull the shore. So... if you're at the Diani beach... what should you do to embody the spirit of coastarians?

1. Travel with a Tuk Tuk!

Tuk tuks are adorable three wheel rides that allow you to move from place to place. They're easy to find and catch (Ubers can sometimes be a little difficult to get a hold off in certain areas). The drivers speak English and often know the hotel you are staying at so they can drop you there with minimal fuss.

They fit about two to three people and are a great way to move around Diani. The wind will rush past you, bringing you with a welcome breeze so that you can take a break from the heat waves.

2. Enjoy the curio and souvenir markets

As you travel from the airport (or drive down) you will find a lot of small shops selling curio and souvenir items. Remember to make sure that you aren't exploiting our natural habitats and animals: keep an eye out for tortoise shell, ivory, coral or anything else that shouldn't be sold for profit. Check out our Conscious Consumer blogpost on Souvenir Shopping for conscious and earth friendly purchase ideas.

Try your hand at bargaining, but don't push it too low. Remember: these crafts are a way to earn a livelihood for many of the people who live there. Be polite and respectful with your interactions.

3. Soak in some sunshine

Slather on some sun protection, throw on a hat and with your reusable water bottle- you can set out and explore the coast! A lovely walk down the beach will showcase various other hotels, resorts and restaurants and a walk around the main roads will bring you face to face with some incredible shops, activity shacks and delicious restaurants.

Enjoy the beach and the heat in true Diani style, sip your cool drink and don't forget to catch some waves too!

4. Coastal Cuisine

Enjoy some Kenyan cuisine. There are so many incredible restaurants that offer delectable plates of fresh seafood, vegetarian curries and some also offer gluten free and vegan options too! Our blogposts have a wonderful recollection of great restaurants in the area that will delight your tastebuds! We even have a great compilation of wonderful wines that can compliment your meals.

Here's a hack for you! Ask the Zubeida chef to make you a hearty breakfast of mahamri and barazi that will leave you full and satisfied until your next meal!

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