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Magical Mocktails: The Zubeida's best picks

Some drinks definitely feel like summer is on the way, and our delicious array of mocktails at the Zubeida are definitely those drinks!

1. The Zubeida Summer: is the drink you order when you are ready to embrace the fact that you are on holiday on one of the most beautiful stretches of the coast in the world. Sip this by the pool and enjoy the fresh burst of passion fruit, basil, pineapple & cranberry.

2. Vitamin Sea: Stay hydrated under the scorching Kenyan sun with the ultimate thirst quencher. A delicious blend of immune-boosting OJ, a twist of lime and some sparkling soda water.

3. Virgin Piñacolada: You can't come to the coast and not enjoy a drink with some delicious, soothing coconut milk. Whipped with some fresh, sweet pineapple, this fan favourite is perfect as you lounge by the beach, large hat and sunscreen in hand, watching the peaceful waves light up in a myriad of colours under the sunset.

We have the best tip for you to make your mocktails a smash hit! Always use fresh ingredients wherever possible- the enhanced flavours are a surefire way to create a delicious mocktail!

Here's an incredible, and easy, mocktail recipe that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home:

'The Mango Mocktail' contains mango juice, raspberries, lime, ginger and some grapefruit juice. Pour the juice of four to six raspberries into the glass, with a tablespoon of lime juice. Add a teaspoon of grated ginger to the mixture, stirring in the mango and grapefruit juice gently. Add in ice cubes and serve.

What are your favourite drinks to enjoy by the beach?

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