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Nairobi Metro is Open and the White Sandy Beaches of Diani are Ready for You

Updated: May 21, 2021

Following the Presidential Order of May 1st 2021, the Nairobi Metropolitan area, which comprises Kiambu, Nairobi, Kajiado and Machakos counties, has been reopened to the rest of the country. Following a prolonged lockdown period that has limited movement for many Kenyans, this is the greatest opportunity for you and your family, friends and loved ones to venture out yet again into the vast beauty of our country, to rediscover, and more so to reconnect, with the calming and rejuvenating ambiance of a beach holiday at The Zubeida, in Diani, Kenya’s South Coast. Here’s what you can look forward to:

Endless White Sandy Beaches and Turquoise Waters

Diani Beach, one of the most prominent, yet most exclusive coastal havens on the continent, stretches all the way from the mouth of the Kongo River, to Galu Beach towards Kenya’s most Southerly tip. Come and enjoy glorious sunshine almost all year round and venture out into the neighbourhood, either for sport or for conservation.

Affordable Luxury and Safety

The Zubeida is the epitome of luxury redefined, within reach. Our handcrafted furnishings, clean and spacious private and public spaces, and tasty yet exquisite cuisine ensure you are treated to an experience worthy of royalty. We are also Z-Safe, approved by Bureau Veritas, which means that we maintain the highest level of standards to adhere to local and global Covid-19 prevention guidelines. These measures ensure minimal interaction as well with either staff or other guests.

Peace of Mind, or Adventure

Whether the plan is to unwind from a long and tumultuous last couple of weeks or month, to take a spiritual or health retreat, or to explore all the beauty and the culture that the Coast has to offer, The Zubeida is right at the heart of your desires. We can help you curate the experience that best suits you, and work to bring all that you’ve been missing, to reality.

Come and experience the Treasures of the Zubeida for yourself and your loved ones:

(Also ask about our ongoing ‘Welcome Back Offer’)

Book now:

Call - +254 725 229 022

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