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#NationalBurgerDay: The Zubeida's best picks

Burgers are definitely one of our favourite foods! Here is our wonderful roundup of delicious burgers that you'll find here in Diani, Kenya.

1. The Zubeida Club: We have to begin by telling you about this incredibly tasting burger that has a juicy interior of freshly panfried chicken, crunchy bacon and perfectly fried eggs, and is served with a side of crispy potato fries or a fresh garden salad. A hearty meal that will leave you pleasantly full and ready to take on the rest of your day.

2. Nomad at the Sands Cheese Burger: With a freshly baked homemade bun, the Nomad Cheese Burger boasts a 180-gram beef fillet patty, complimented by wholesome toppings of crispy lettuce, melted cheese, sautéed onions, sliced tomato, pickled cucumber and cocktail sauce. It is also accompanied by homemade chips.

3. Lenonardo's Chicken Burger: This burger is filled with a breadcrumbed chicken patty, and topped with fresh lettuce, tomato & a dash of mayonnaise. This flavourful dish is paired with chips.

4. The Salty Squid's BBQ Bacon & Cheese Burger: Their signature beef patty is topped with a delicious arrangement of smoked bacon and cheese with some BBQ sauce, lettuce and onion rings. Served with potato fries.

5. Kokkos Cafe Bistro's The Maroccan: A tender but well-spiced lamb burger patty is coated with peppers, coriander and feta. They also have extra toppings for your discerning pallet and include egg, cheese, mushrooms, bacon and jalapeno.

Which of these burgers has made it onto your food bucket list?

Do you have any favourite burgers where you are from? Share it with us!

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