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Romantic Date Nights in Diani

Ready for a night out on the town with your significant other? Diani has some beautiful places for your date nights.

1. The Zubeida: With our delectable three-course meals, you can request your dining to be by the pool, by the beach or in your villa with a romantic setup that is sure to have you gazing into each other's eyes all evening long. Since we cater to a wide variety of dietary requirements, we can guarantee a romantic night where all you need to do is show up with some wine.

2. Sails Beach Bar & Restaurant: Great for a group dinner, but lovely for a romantic night out. Not only do they serve fresh seafood, but also cater to vegetarians, vegans and have gluten-free dining options too. Located right by the beach, the open-air ambience is the perfect accompaniment to your dining plans.

3. Ali Barbour's Cave Restaurant: This incredible restaurant is situated 10 meters below ground in an ancient, naturally sculptured coral cave open to the sparkling sky. They provide a free pick up and drop off service to hotels along Diani Beach, and have a wide variety of seafood, continental and international foods on their menu.

4. Asha Bistro: A hidden gem that serves seafood, European, grill and fusion foods, it also caters to vegetarians and vegans. Located on Diani Beach with ample parking, it also offers you a view of the rolling blue waters and a calming sea breeze.

5. The Sands at Nomad: While the Hotel itself is amid 25 acres of indigenous forest, their restaurant is beachfront, with colourful cloth roofs holding the scorching sun away. With Italian and Japanese dishes gracing the menu, you will definitely be spoilt for choice whether you are a foodie or not.

What are your favourite Diani beach restaurants?

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