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Romantic Gestures this Valentine's Day

February is known as the month of love... but we advocate loving your people ALL THE TIME!

Here are some fantastic gestures you can do to get in (and remain) in their good books.

Let us know which ones are your favourite to receive and to give!

1. Breakfast in Bed

Eggs of your choice, freshly baked bread and some steaming tea or coffee is the perfect way to wake your loved ones up. Pancakes are also a delicious and easy option, especially if you throw on some chocolate sauce or maple syrup!

The Zubeida's breakfast is exquisitely made to your requirements. With fresh juice, french pressed coffee, and creamy masala tea: your loved ones will feel completely spoilt for choice.

2. A weekend (or week) getaway

“Oh the places you’ll go” – Dr. Seuss

Kenya has the most stunning terrain! Incredible camping sites, lodges, resorts and air bnbs give you the freedom to explore our wonderful country.

We have a blog post on terrific staycation options in Kenya that cater to various group sizes.

Take some time off and spend it with your family and friends, travelling.

The Zubeida is a wonderful place, right beside the silky soft, white sands of Diani beach, with the perfect atmosphere, privacy and fresh air.

3. Couple spa session

A soothing ritual should definitely be one of your plans this month (and regularly upheld during the year). Not only does this promote intimacy, but also helps in releasing day to day tensions and worries. You get to enjoy some fresh aromatherapy, muscle loosening massages and some quiet time together.

The Zubeida offers multiple therapies with experienced masseuses that compliment your needs and requirements.

4. Adventure together

Enjoy some time together experiencing new things! Jetski, kite surfing and snorkelling are all wonderful adventures. See migrating dolphins and whales, or simply enjoy a sunset dhow ride on calming turquoise waters. If you have family members who are also ready for some fun in the sun our blog post Family Fun in Diani will give you some more ideas while you plan some downtime with your partner!

5. Date day into date night

Spend the whole day (and night) exploring the county you're in. We have some amazing heritage sights, tourist experiences and conservation areas to explore. Diani itself has some beautiful eateries, activities, and of course: an excellent beach.

Book your stay with us today through our website:

Or give us a call on 0799 129244 to begin the booking process, or email us at [email protected]

Our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter handles are The Zubeida and you can reach out to us there too.

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