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Set Sail for the South Coast Sand Banks

If you're looking for a great day excursion once you have settled in at The Zubeida, then we recommend the South Coast Sandbanks. Sandbanks are created when the tide goes out, leaving behind a shallow and temporary island. Our top 3 recommendations are as follows:-

  1. Diani Sand Bank

  2. Funzi Sand Bank (40 mins from Diani)

  3. Wasini Island Sand Bank ( 1 hour approx from Diani)

These stunning sand islands are a great way to spend a relaxing couple of hours for adults and for children. Make it into a full day excursions with the following activities:

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  1. Ask our wonderful staff members to pack you a picnic basket so you can snack on the go.

  2. Snorkelling is definitely a fun family activity to explore the nearby shallow pools

  3. Search for starfish and shells that have been temporarily marooned. Remember- don't take them out of their natural habitat and if you see them on the sand, you can return them to the ocean to help keep them cool

  4. Swim in our warm and trademarked turquoise waters

  5. Carry enough sun protection and some towels and umbrellas to keep cool

With food and refreshments, spending a day on the sandbank is truly one of the most magical experiences you can have when staying at The Zubeida.

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