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Sustainable Holiday Tips!

At a time where our planet and environment is under extensive pressure, here are a few reminders of how we can be more responsible and lighten the impact we have when enjoying your holiday at The Zubeida, on Kenya's South Coast, Diani...

1. Turn it off

Help the hotel to save water by using taps and showers sensibly. If you are using washing machines and dishwashers on a self-catering holiday always aim to have a full load. Fresh water is one of our rarest commodities, and it is our duty to try and protect it as much as we can. For example: The Zubeida uses green cleaning products and all the personal hygiene products in your bathrooms are also made with clean ingredients.

2. Reduce Waste

Drop off all your waste in designated areas and ask about their recycling practices. Always remember to use reusable items such as water bottles, and take out everything you take in.

Human litter is often harmful to the animals and waterways: creating blockages, flooding when not disposed of properly and causing suffocation or starvation to animals who accidentally ingest litter.

3. Save Energy

Help us save energy and save the planet by aiming to turn off the lights and heating/cooling systems in your holiday accommodation when you leave the room. If you'd like to leave your air conditioning/ heating switched on, please do remember to shut your doors and windows to help cool/heat your room effectively.

4. Travel Green

Explore using local transport! Hop on a tour bus or take a tuk-tuk to the mall. There are lots of incredible ways to travel including carpooling if you are travelling in a group. Hire a bicycle or take a long walk while you enjoy the scenery. Not only will you get your body moving, but you will also have a unique travel experience.1.

5. Shop Local

Enjoy the local markets, and purchase curios and souvenirs responsibly. Ensure that the materials are legal and have not been obtained from animals cruelly. Check out our blog post on how to be a responsible souvenir shopper. Support the local market and try your hand at bargaining. Create a list beforehand to avoid unnecessary spending whilst still taking home enough for all.

What are your favourite tips to make travelling as green as possible?

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