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Take this Simple Climate Action Step and Help The Zubeida Offset Some CO2

This June and July 2021, the Zubeida is excited to announce a critical partnership with The Oblique Life Global Goals, a commitment to support and promote the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

We are calling on guests, friends, families and anyone interested in saving and conserving our planet, to join the call to help offset carbon dioxide in the hopes of slowing down, and turning around, climate change. Beginning 25th June 2021 for one week, we will initiate the #ZubeidaOblique campaign that will call on guests to download or stream a podcast of their choice on The Oblique Life website, with each free subscription going towards offsetting 1KG of CO2 from the atmosphere.

To reiterate, every time one of our guests or followers subscribes to the podcast, @TheObliqueLife will offset 1KG of carbon dioxide.

How Can You Get Involved?

On Instagram, Facebook and Twitter:

  1. Go to The Oblique Life Global Goals podcast using this special link and either download or stream a podcast of your choice.

  2. Go to either your IG stories or post and tag @TheZubeida, @TheObliqueLife and @TreePoints.Green together with the hashtag #ZubeidaOblique (To further help, you can also tag a friend or two of yours)

  3. The Oblique Life will then offset 1KG of CO2 for each download or stream

On The Zubeida Mailing list:

You can use this special link to subscribe, download or stream a The Oblique Life podcast of your choice, and simply email us letting us know which podcast you selected.

Below, you can view a message from our partner, The Oblique Life's Romi Sumaria, on the #ZubeidaOblique Campaign:

The #ZubeidaOblique climate action campaign will run from 25th of June 2021 for one week. Join us today!

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