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The Holidaying Mindset - How to Make the Most out of a Getaway

Nowhere is more magical and idyllic than the award-winning stretch of magnificent white sandy beaches of Diani, on Kenya’s South Coast. The Zubeida lies at the heart of this area, accessible by land, air or sea, in an area that will ensure you experience the holiday of your dreams. It’s not everytime that you get to take this time off, so how do you get to make the most out of a getaway? Here are a few tips of how...

Catch the Sunrise and the Sunset

Sunrises at the Diani Coast are spectacular works of art to watch. You don’t want to miss the unique play of hues and colours in the sky, against a backdrop of pristine white sandy beaches and turquoise waters that is certain to make you marvel at the beauty of nature. Appreciate the elements either from your villa porch, or right at the cusp of the Ocean. Our staff can advise you of when the high and low tides are, so you can wander off as well with family or friends.

Adventure Time

When on holiday, while you often have the option to just luxuriate in your room and catch up on some much needed rest and relaxation, it is also advisable to get engaged with some of the unique activities in the area. You can choose to either take up something as involving and precise as a new sport, or let your mind and body wander with a simple walk on the beach at low tide, as you explore the coral and wonders of the Ocean. The Diani beach strip is safe to explore, and we are more than happy to help you curate your idyllic holiday.

Go on and Explore the Delectable Menu

You can enjoy complimentary high tea, by the pool or the beach, with your stay at The Zubeida. It’s not only our breakfast that is fit for the royalty that you are; our chef can whip up some magic that will melt in your mouth, from a wide selection available on our carefully curated a la carte menu. There are plenty of interesting things to eat in Diani, and when on holiday, you really should not shy away from trying. You might get the surprise of your life.

Come and experience the Treasures of the Zubeida for yourself and your loved ones:

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