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The Zubeida: Essential Travel Items

Travelling is equal parts exciting, and anxiety-inducing and some of that comes through due to the worry of what is best to pack. Especially since Covid came into our lives, travelling seems especially daunting.

This is why we have decided to bring to you a short and sweet list of travel essentials.

1. Portable battery/charger

These little devices don't take up much space but bring you safety and security- especially when you are on a day to night trip and are worried about your phone charge. These are great to take camping and on half or full-day excursions too!

2. Quick-dry clothing

Weather plays a major role in deciding whether you can go out onto the water, or even into the savannah. Having lightweight, quick-dry materials help you stay warm and dry even if you are caught in our Kenyan torrential downpours.

3. World Adaptor and Surge Protector

This is especially handy if you're travelling abroad and aren't sure what type of sockets and voltage your residence will have. A multiplug allows you to charge multiple devices at once while the surge protector ensures their safety while charging! Total travel game changer!

4. Waterproof silicon or ziplock bags

These are a great, efficient and cheap way to keep your electronics dry and safe from accidental spills and leaks.

5. Mini first aid kit

This kit can contain all the medication you think you will need: antihistamines, painkillers, insect repellent, stomach regulation, dehydration and flu & cold medicines etc. Carry some Elastoplast, disinfectant and cotton wool and buds too. We love adding antibacterial wipes and anti-inflammation gels as well.

What else would you list as an essential travel item?

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