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The Zubeida Menu: Fresh to Fork

Food waste is one of the highest contributors to climate change, with tonnes of food ending up in landfills and decomposing incorrectly: releasing deadly gases into the atmosphere. Here, at the Zubeida, we believe in serving nourishing and fresh food while producing minimal waste.

We grow some herbs and vegetables and are looking into expanding further, to provide you with a true farm to fork experience. Not only are our in house guests provided with fresh seafood, together with a well-rounded children's menu, we also cater to vegetarians, vegans and offer gluten-free options.

We have a pre-determined menu for our bed & breakfast and half-board guests featuring scrumptious dishes such as the battered tilapia fish fillet on Mondays, red Thai vegetable curry on Thursdays and Tiramisu on Sundays. We also have a soup of the day and a fresh salad to begin your meal.

Our on-site restaurant also boasts an A La Carte Menu that features a creamy coconut and seafood soup, oriental crispy spring rolls, Khima chapati, pizzas, lobster thermidor, and the Zubeida Surf and Turf Platter among others.

The menu changes seasonally, working together with local suppliers to bring fruits and vegetables that are in season to avoid unsustainable farming practices. Our guests can enjoy their appetising meal by the pool, by the beach, in your private garden or even in the cool comfort of your villa.

If you partake in alcohol, we recommend checking out our Wine and Dine blog post to see what pairs best with our cuisine, and if you'd like to explore Diani Beach's myriad of excellent restaurants we have blogs on the best burgers and best ambience places to go.

In the meantime, if you're thirsty- our Magical Mocktails are a treat! We use fresh fruits, juices and herbs to create tongue pleasing medleys that refresh and revive in this coastal heat. Sip the perfect drink as you sit in the warm African sun, feeling a cooling salty breeze against your skin and listening to the soundtrack of the sea.

We look forward to welcoming you to The Zubeida this year.

Contact us on:

[email protected],

or on any of our social media handles: The Zubeida,

or call us on +254 799 129244.

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