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The Zubeida Picks The Five Best Dessert Places in Diani!

1. Leonardo's Restaurant

The decadent frozen dessert is perfect for our Diani weather, and everyone knows about Leonardo's! It is richly flavoured, dense and can be eaten multiple times a day without guilt because the gelato is truly a masterpiece.

Grab a taxi from The Zubeida (or use your hired car) and get to Leonardo's in less than 10 minutes, sit at their restaurant for your meal and savour their soft, freshly made gelato for dessert.

2. Nomad at the Sands

Combining indulgent, creamy chocolate filling with pieces of cashew nut meets flaky, crunchy pastry... Nomad brings to you... a chocolate samosa. This is a favourite for all ages and is heaven in each bite.

3. Salty Squid

Blueberry cheesecake is always an experience! Delicious cream cheese with blueberry compote and a biscuit base is always a crowd pleaser! When dining at Salty Squid, definitely keep space for dessert and order this when you sit down as well just so they keep you a piece!

The sweet and tangy flavours complement the salty biscuits and is the perfect way to end your meal.

4. The Zubeida

We've already waxed poetic about our own incredible desserts that are freshly made every single day, but we would love to highlight our Tiramisu & White Chocolate Cheesecake. Made with premium, locally sourced ingredients, our chef whips up the most fluffy and scrumptious desserts that aren't too sweet.

We've also given you a sneak peek into some of our other delicious desserts so you know exactly what you want to order when you come to visit us!

P.S: We've even shared our Tiramisu recipe with you so you can whip up your own version at home!

5. Sails at Almanara

Brownies by the beach just hit differently! These dense, moist brownies are worth making the trip to Almanara and the views are stunning too! Accompanied with ice cream, they're truly a treat!

Have we missed anyone out? Where are your favourite dessert places in Diani?

Drop your recommendations in the comment section!

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