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The Zubeida's collaboration with Kenya Kesho Girls School

Our continued collaboration with Kenya Kesho Girls School in Shimoni, has now led to an incredible opportunity for our guests!

Kenya Kesho School for Girls is run by the Kenya Kesho Trust and has been operating in Kwale County since 2006. The Trust is a registered charity in Kenya, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

  • Kenya Revenue Authority Tax Exemption Certificate No 20140930/5887

  • Registered in the UK with The Charity Commission of England and Wales No 1127182

  • Registered in the Netherlands as Stichting No 64660125

The creation of a modern school was planned and constructed on a 5.5-acre piece of land, opened on 23rd September 2019. The school aims to offer young girls from Mshiu Village a unique opportunity to pursue better education and fulfilling lives outside the village for their future.

Activities now available for our guests:

Half-Day Excursion on any day of your choice for $100 that will include:

  • Cost of transport

  • Cost of food and non-alcoholic refreshments

  • Cost of providing one indigenous tree per person for planting

  • Public liability insurance for the guests

You may also donate in cash or in-kind directly to the Kenya Kesho School for Girls or through The Zubeida and allocate your funds to the following causes or anything else that you choose to donate towards:

  • Feeding program

  • Environment/ Farming Program

  • Sustaining the school by helping cover running costs

  • Sports facilities (fund)

  • Art and music facilities (fund)

  • Medical facilities (fund)

  • Educational outings (fund)

You can contact them directly via email ( [email protected] and [email protected] ) or through their website.

As always, you can give us a call on 0799 129244 to begin the booking process, or email us at [email protected]

Our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter handles are The Zubeida and you can reach out to us there too.

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