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The Zubeida's Finest Desserts!

We have tantalised your tastebuds with our blogs on burgers, overall fresh menu, and marvellous mocktails, and now it is time to showcase our delectable desserts!

Here is the list of our top three desserts!

1. The Coconut Gateaux is a refreshingly tropical dessert that has crunchy flakes of coconut in every bite. Accompanied with moist cake, and fluffy cream, this is truly a dessert that everyone will enjoy.

2. Passion Mousse is served in little jars, and each bite is heaven! Passion fruit layers the top part of the mousse, with some strawberries on the side. The rich, creamy vanilla mousse and cake layer is indulgence personified. Each bite is silky and crunchy, sweet and tangy.

3. The Zubeida's White Chocolate Cheesecake = opulent slice of paradise. Served with a berry compote, this lushly layered cheesecake doesn't need any description- you can almost taste it in your mind.

Rich tea biscuits bring a savoury touch to the cream cheese and sweet white chocolate. We have added our berry compote for a touch of sharp contrast, and all our sweet tooth guests rejoice when they eat that first bite.

Which one are you most excited to try?

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