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The Zubeida's Packing Guide as you move from Beach to Bush

Did you know that a road trip to Diani, through Tsavo East and Shimba Hills is a fantastic way to incorporate some safari into your beach holiday? You can even fly to the Masaai Mara and to Diani if that's the option you prefer.

While you consider the various options this provides you, let us give you some tips on how to pack the perfect bag to take you from day to night and beach to bush.

1. Layers are essential: Cool mornings for your game drives and chilly evenings by the sea should encourage you to pack a wide variety of clothes that can be layered together comfortably. As the day heats up, you'll be glad to shed off those layers to bask under the Kenyan sun. Long-sleeved but light tops are a great idea to ward off the mosquitos and the cool winds. Neutral colours and light fabrics are best.

2. Insect repellent: Kenya is a tropical destination that is known for its mosquitos and other little insects that may find you tasty. Bring along a great insect repellent and reapply generously and often to avoid being bitten. In case you've forgotten this, you can purchase great repellents at any pharmacy or supermarket.

3. Swimsuits: You always have time for a dip in the water- whether it's in the cool swimming pools your bush experience offers you, any of the lakes that dot the savannah or the warm Indian Ocean.

4. Closed shoes & flip flops: Closed shoes are always a great idea when you're in the bush to protect yourself from insects, sharp thorns and possible animal matter. Remember to make sure they're comfortable and have a good grip in case you choose to hike on our beautiful trails. Flip flops are perfect for the beach and provide you with lightweight comfort that will easily shake off the sand.

5. Overall Sun Protection: The African sun usually scorches its way past the savannah to the beach (even during the colder months). Ensure you carry reef-friendly sunscreen, and re-apply often. Carry sunglasses, an SPF lip balm, a wide brim hat or cap and lightweight clothes that can protect your skin.

6. Medicine bag: Carry some bandages, gauze, pain-relieving tablets, antihistamine and other allergy medications together with some sunburn relief. Have a look at your destination, and look at the potential types of medication you might need and ensure you pack it. In the event that you do not have something, you can always ask your lodge or resort to assist you with it, or they'll direct you to the nearest pharmacy/ store.

What are the travel items you cannot live without?

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