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The Zubeida's Pick - What's in your beach bag?

Heading to the beach? Don't forget these beach bag essentials!

1. A tote: will be able to hold everything you have, in an organised way. This will prevent you from losing items, forgetting things in various places and of course, can store a cardigan or sweater for when the chilly winds set in. A waterproof compartment is a great option for wet swimsuits, money or to keep gadgets from getting wet and/or sandy.

2. Sunscreen: is a must-have! It is so important to protect our skin from the scorching sun and harmful UV rays. Don't forget to re-apply every few hours, and more frequently if you're going for a swim in the pool or sea.

3. Towels: so that you can sit on them when you're ready to dry off or use them as a mock picnic blanket too when you're eating your snacks!

4. Reusable water bottles: These are great to carry around to keep your water cool and handy. You can add in some lemon or fruit from the breakfast table to add a refreshing taste as you lounge the day away. Steel insulated bottles are the best at keeping your water cool throughout the day albeit a little heavier than the traditional plastic ones.

5. A book: Whether you choose a kindle or you are a hardcover lover, a book is the perfect beachside companion. Get ready for some well-deserved "me time" and settle in with a cosy read under our bright blue skies.

6. Sunglasses and a hat: The midday sun really reflects off our pristine white sands, and it's important to protect your eyes from the glare and yourself from heatstroke. Carry a lightweight hat and don't forget to rinse your sunglasses out with freshwater if you get pool water or salty water on them. This will protect them from corrosion from the harsh waters.

7. A waterproof speaker: In the mood for some tunes? Carry a speaker with you to play out your favourite lounge music as you relax away. Remember to be courteous of other guests when choosing your music and the volume at which it plays.

What are some of your favourite things to take on a holiday to the beach?

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