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The Zubeida's Tips- Make the Most of your Travels

As the world slowly opens up and we are ready to travel again, we might want to re-learn and figure out how to make the most of our travels.

Here are our top tips!

1. Ensure your clothing is appropriate for your destination

If your travel plans include visiting religious or cultural places, ensure that you carry a headscarf, long-sleeved shirts and pants so that you can be appropriately covered up when entering to show the proper respect at the venue.

Wearing appropriate clothing is also a great way to blend in, interact with locals and immerse yourself in their culture while winning against the weather.

Pack light too; especially if you are planning on shopping!

2. Plan your time

A specific (yet flexible) itinerary is your best friend! Not only will you be able to take into account travel time to and from tourist venues, but you will also be able to suss out any other interesting spots that you should visit during your time there.

Ensure that you have a set budget in mind so that you can effectively plan your activities without putting undue pressure on your wallet. A lot of sightseeing venues allow early booking at cheaper rates which might work better for you and your itinerary. However, do keep in mind that things may not go to plan sometimes. For example, you may decide to spend an extra night camping under the stars or spend extra time in a particular town.

Maximise your sightseeing by leaving early in the morning, and returning later in the evening after sampling local restaurants and cuisines. This way you'll make sure to beat the crowd and enjoy some early bird moments.

Make sure you dress in layers, prepare for the weather and wear comfortable shoes.

However, don't rush through everything just to tick the boxes. Take your time, make memories: take lots of photos and videos. Don't worry if you can't get to everything you wanted to do, you can always return at a later date.

3. Join a tour conducted by local guides and tour operators

Make sure that you book reputable companies and they will be the best guides to showcase the beauty of the country/city you are visiting. They'll give you the best tips on shopping, eating and visiting and ensure that you remain safe while you are with them.

If travelling with a group, make sure that you are all like-minded so that there is no conflict arising from changes to the plan, or differences in sightseeing priorities.

4. Be a responsible, ethical and conscious consumer while travelling

Keep your valuables safe, pay attention to your items and of course- purchase ethically sourced items that help the economy of the country you have gone to.

Refrain from purchasing illegal animal products such as ivory and tortoiseshell as demand for those items amplifies cruelty against animals. Choose your animal sanctuaries carefully and do your research to confirm that you are not unwittingly participating in animal cruelty.

Use reusable water bottles and coffee mugs to reduce single-use plastic usage, and support locals wherever and whenever you can.

What are your top tips on travelling safely and efficiently while being safe?

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