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Tips and Tricks to Keep your Skin Healthy on Holiday

In light of the tough times we have all gone through over the last year a holiday by the coast is much needed for most of us. When you choose to stay at The Zubeida you will be exposed to the beautiful Kenyan sun and the salty sea air. It will be paramount to keep your skin looking and feeling great. Here are some tips to ensure all you worry about is having a good time whilst looking great.

Thou shalt up your skincare game for your flight

If you choose to fly to the coast. "The lack of humidity in the cabin dries out the outer layer of skin (stratum corneum) significantly, by increasing transepidermal water loss,” This exacerbates eczema and sensitivity of skin.” Now It's understandable t why frequent flying celebrities rave about their inflight skincare - it is, after all, free time in which you could have a serious pamper session. At the very least we recommend having a face mist or using a moisturizer.

Thou shalt choose your sun cream wisely

If you have sensitive skin it's important to choose your sun cream well, but when going away it’s tempting to pick one up once you arrive to save on space and pre-holiday shopping. However, as many of us are extremely picky about what’s in our SPF (mineral filters and fragrance-free as a bare minimum) A big trend is to always pack a trusty Ultrasun - better yet, it saves on space as all their formulas can be used on both face and body.

Thou shalt wash your hands after applying someone else’s sun cream

On that note, you’ll no doubt be on sun cream duty at some point on the holiday and if your friends/partners are anything like mine, they’ll have their own fragrant SPF that they’ll want you to apply. If you want to avoid any potential triggers, wash it off before you start slathering your own.

Thou shalt not get in the pool without skin prep

If you have recently taken up regular swimming, One may learn the hard way just how itchy it can leave your skin - so before you sink into that infinity pool, remember "Chlorine is a strong irritant and even when diluted down in a swimming pool, it dries out the skin, affecting the natural acid mantle of the skin. Swimming exacerbates dry flaky skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis; It’s always advisable to put on moisturiser before going into the pool.”

If you prefer to head to the beach. "Sea water doesn’t tend to dry out the skin, although it can sting particularly if there are open areas. Sea water is a weak antiseptic and may have positive benefits for some people who suffer from eczema."

We look forward to seeing you at the beach soon. Come and experience the Treasures of the Zubeida for yourself and your loved ones. Look out for amazing offers in June.

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*Image Credit: Photo by Olha Ruskykh from Pexels

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