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Ultimate Tranquility with The Zubeida's Spa Experience

Whenever we go on holiday, we usually go to the spa! Not only is it great for getting that much deserved quiet time, but also helps you refresh and relax your entire being.

Our wonderful masseuses come to your villa and help you wind down in the comfort of your own space. Here are some of the treatments we offer:

1. Aromatherapy: Unique blends of essential oils are applied onto your body, with the sole intention to soothe, revive and invigorate your mind and body. Great for when you are struggling with anxiety, restlessness and insomnia. Our masseuse will guide you on the best blend to use depending on what you want e.g. to be uplifted, relaxation, or stress relief.

2. Swedish Massage: Involving minimal pressure, this massage's primary aim is to deliver relaxation. Varied, gliding strokes help enhance blood circulation towards the heart and can be done gently and slowly or intense and rigorously. This form of massage helps improve muscle flexibility while increasing blood flow and flushing out toxins present in the body. Make sure to let your masseuse know in advance what your problem areas are so that they know to avoid or focus on them.

3. Reflexology: Focusing on the feet, hands and ears sometimes, the purpose of reflexology is to put varying degrees of pressure based on the theory that each part corresponds to a body part/organ. It helps in calming the nervous system, offering pain relief and has also been known to uplift mood and relieve stress. If you are having medical issues with your feet, hands and/or ears, be sure to consult a doctor before opting for this treatment.

4. Indian Head Massage: Originating through Ayurveda, a head massage is a popular tool in Indian households. It focuses on the scalp, neck, shoulders and upper back. The masseuse uses acupressure, kneading and tapping motions to improve blood circulation, release tension knots and assist with mitigating headaches and migraines. It also improves oxygen flow to the brain while reducing jaw ache, assists in lymphatic drainage and aids sleep. The release of endorphins also helps in managing stress and anxiety while alleviating mental tiredness.

5. Body Scrub & Massage: An invigorating and relaxing experience this treatment helps exfoliate your skin from tip to toe. Assisting with blood circulation, you come away from this treatment with soft, supple skin and relaxed limbs.

6. Back & Neck: Most of our daily activities such as using our devices, writing, reading all involve strain on our spine, shoulders and neck. Massaging of sore spots helps increase blood flow, reduce inflammation, help muscle spasms and reduce stiffness. This particular treatment is very effective in relieving tightness around the neck and shoulders, removing knots and offering pain relief from stiff muscles.

7. Waxing: This quick and effective process will leave your skin feeling smooth and hair-free in no time.

8. Manicures & Pedicures: Pamper yourself this holiday and book a well-deserved mani-pedi. Get started with a good soak, as they slough away all the dead skin cells, and end with a relaxing foot and hand massage that will moisturise and keep the skin healthy and crack free.

Book a treatment now. You deserve it.

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