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Unusual Travel Essentials

After we gave you a list of travel essentials you absolutely must have, we realised the list is a checklist of items you *know* you need to have!

This time, we explore some unusual travel items that you'll definitely find handy, and may not have thought to pack!

1. Inflatable Neck Pillow

These handy devices allow you to sleep comfortably on a plane, train, bus or even while waiting to be checked in! They don't take up as much space as a conventional neck pillow, and can be deflated and inflated on demand!

2. Sanitising Spray

Get a strong alcohol-based spray, and if it is available in a large bottle, you can transfer it to a travel-sized canister. We love Cinnabar Green's since it is biodegradable, plant-based and chemical-free. It can be used to disinfect toilet seats, handles, food trays, dirty items and is highly functional and easy to carry around.

3. Leatherman/ Multipurpose Tool

Be sure to check travel restrictions when traveling abroad with this, it may get confiscated. However, while planning backpacking, camping or any other outdoor style trip- they're a life saver. Equipped with various tools, you can use them in different ways to sort out your problem.

4. Luggage Travel Drink Bag

This is a cool invention that slides down your trolley handle. It allows you to carry your hot and cold drinks in a hands-free manner. Not only does this free you up to pass comfortably through the airport, but it also protects you from inadvertent spills as you hold the liquids in your hands and manoeuvre around.

5. Slip-On Water Shoes

These are great for when you are hiking outdoors, or come across water on your travels. They're great in shower shoes too if you're feeling cautious about showering in certain areas. They have a safe and sturdy grip on slippery surfaces and help you move with ease. They're wonderful to wear on the beach too, to protect yourself from sharp rocks, coral and the occasional dangerous sea creature.

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