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What to get up to in Diani this Easter Season

We are all looking for a special, fun, yet social-distanced yet unique way to make this coming Easter special. After all, it is a season renowned for escaping to the beachside and enjoying plenty of sun and sun. Diani Beach in Kenya is the perfect place to travel to enjoy all that pristine beach has to offer, while maintaining a semblance of exclusivity and luxury, all while staying at The Zubeida. Here are five highlights not to miss out on this coming Easter holiday:

Jet skiing and Kitesurfing

Diani being a quietly sophisticated epicenter of vacationers, it is often misconstrued as being expensive and reserved for the elite. However, on your stay at The Zubeida, it would be prudent to check out some fun water activities such as jet skiing and kitesurfing. Make your holiday more memorable with adrenalin pumping activities that will give you and your loved ones, friends or families the thrills of accomplishment.

Day Trip to Chale Island

Barely an hour south of Ukunda is the beautiful headland of Chale, off the Mangrove Broadwalk. It is widely known as a sacred kaya (worshipping place) but is also famous for its beaches which sparkle and the largely forested scape that makes it a fortress of solitude. You can experience this place for half a day and get back to your hotel before sundown.

Glass Boat Half-Day Trip

Foraying further into the clear blue Indian Ocean, there are plenty of glass-bottom boats that will take you across the sea to snorkeling or diving areas, certain to quench your thirst for wanderlust. It is quite the experience watching beautiful creatures frolicking in the water as you ride through warm waves.

Wildlife Watching

Holidays in Kenya are seldom complete without a guided tour to a neighbouring wildlife sanctuary. Shimba Hills being a natural selection, it boasts more than just some of the big five, also housing one of the largest Coastal Forests in the East African region, Arabuko-Sokoke. The reserve is also home to the Sable antelope and elephant shrew, all within an hour or so ride from The Zubeida.

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*Cover Image by mali maeder

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