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Why a Spiritual Retreat is Key this Ramadhan

The Islamic holy month of fasting is here with us, and with it comes fervent prayer, sunrise to sunset fasting, and nightly feasts, which will largely be marked with families and communities coming together. It's the second time that the Muslim faith's most holy month will be experienced under the current pandemic restrictions, but nonetheless an important period for Islam.

The Muslim Faith and the Kenyan Coast

Nowhere else in Kenya is Islam more engrained than on the country's expansive coastal shores. The Islamic faith dates back to the eighth century, with trade between the Coastal tribes, and the Persian Gulf. The Shirazi people intermarried with the local Bantu people, resulting in the Swahili nation and a language that intertwined Bantu dialects and heavy Arabic borrowings - Swahili. Therefore the Coastal region plays an important part in the country's history as being the entry point of the Islamic faith.

Why is Ramadhan Important?

This ninth month on the Islamic Calendar allows Muslims to focus on a heightened spiritual devotion and reflection, self-improvement and worship. Fasting during this holiday is one of the 5 pillars of the Islamic faith. It is meant to remind Muslims of the suffering of the less fortunate, and bring believers closer to Allah. Ramadhan transcends the diversity of Kenya's social and religious spectrum, bringing together Kenyans to celebrate this special holy period.

The Zubeida is a perfect escape for families looking for a spiritual retreat to calm the mind and body, as well as for something to keep even the young ones engaged. Not far from Ukunda, yet with the precise proximity to keep it exclusive, our resort has a collection of villas right on the edge of the beach overlooking the Indian Ocean. You can all enjoy breathtaking Indian Oceanfront views, with a pool, gardens and beachfront for the kids to enjoy. Ladies, please take a break from cooking for the family, and let us lighten your load, focusing on some you time.

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With options of either intimate, indoor air-conditioned dining in your family villa, or by-the-beach or the pool dining experiences, The Zubeida will take care of post-evening, Iftar and the pre-dawn meal, Shuhur that's certain to tantalise your tastebuds. Indulge in a trans-continental selection of a la carte meals that feature traditional Swahili and Middle Eastern cuisine.

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