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Inspired by life on the Swahili coast, Safarahh’s designs are a combination of Italian linen and vibrant East and West African cottons.

 Where possible Safarahh keeps a little extra fabric inside our designs in case you ever need to alter them because let’s face it, our bodies change, but these are made to last forever.

5% of the profits from each item goes into Ocean Conservation Charity Local Ocean in Watamu, Kenya

About Safarahh


Safarahh’s story began in a London living room. Bored of the monotony of my 9 to 5 city job and eager for excitement and change I started Safarahh. The brand was not only an outlet for my creativity but a way to bring me closer to my home, Kenya.


My collection is inspired by the Kenyan coast, my favourite place in the world. Each item is designed to be perfect for the beach: loose and easy to slouch around in, airy and light to keep cool and vibrant to give you that free holiday feeling.


I am a strong believer in buying good quality clothes that can last in your wardrobe for years, rather than replacing items every year. For this reason each design is made to look timeless, rather than seasonal, made with only high quality natural fabrics and where possible I add a little extra fabric so you can take it out as and when your body changes.


I hope you love my collection as much as I do.


Pri x

About The Founder

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